ulia Snigir, Roman Kurtsyn and Alexey Chadov in the new lyrical comedy “Success”

ulia Snigir, Roman Kurtsyn and Alexey Chadov in the new lyrical comedy “Success”

Film house "Leopolis" and "Renovatio Entertainment" company (producers S. Bobz, V. Polyakov, G. Malkov, M. Kuchment) began filming the lyrical comedy directed by Pavel Ruminov - "Success".

Julia Snigir, Roman Kurtsyn, Maria Lobanova and Alexey Chadov will perform the main roles. This is Pavel Ruminov's film about fame, path to success and a difficult choice between simple happiness and star life.

Can one little girl change the world? Of course! Especially if she is talented, and her parents dreamed of becoming rock stars when they were younger. The main characters - musicians Lisa and Artem - meet in the underground crossing. Both dream of a big stage, both want to play rock, and they are great at it. But after a while they have a daughter, Vita, which makes them put off, and then completely forget about plans to conquer the world. But for Liza, the unfulfilled dream is like a slow poison. And at one point she leaves her home with a short SMS message saying “Sorry”.

Now Artem raises their daughter alone, doing casual jobs. When the financial situation becomes very difficult, he is forced to sacrifice his main belief – he agrees to perform covers of Russian pop music at a corporate party. There is no one to leave Vita with, so he takes her with him. And the daughter unexpectedly rescues her father at one point of the performance - Vita sings a song for him, the words of which he did not know. Their extravagant performance hits the Internet, collects millions of views, which attracts the attention of a very cool producer. He promises to make them real stars! But one thing: they will play all the same cover hits of the 90s that Artem hates so much, but their fans love; more precisely Vita fans. And everything happens as the producer promised - airs on TV and radio, touring the country, fame. Artem, whose role is to be a singing back up of the public's favourite Vita, begins to be jealous of his daughter for the success he had dreamed of! And Vita herself does not want to be a star at all; all she wants is for her mother to come back...
Pavel Ruminov and Sergei Bobzoy wrote the script for the film.

Roman Kurtsyn plays the role of the father. And this is a serious change for him as an actor – to play a musician and a single father. Once again he will play in the film with Yulia Snigir, with whom he has already been on the “The Road to Calvary” series. Julia got the role of Lisa, who does not leave the dream about being on stage, but is “locked in four walls” and as a result escapes from the family. Vita is played by Masha Lobanova, who is known to the audience by the movie “Coach”, where she played the main character’s sister. Alexey Chadov will play an eccentric producer, who helps Artem and Vita to get to success, but dooms them to even greater solitude surrounded by fans.    

Julia Snigir says the following about her role: “My heroine is very different from me, and this, of course, is difficult, but at the same time interesting. First of all, I have nothing to do with music, and have never thought about a singing career. This is an alien territory for me. My heroine feels like a fish in the sand without music. Music is her element; She can only exist in it. And this is what you need to put on yourself, just like clothes and live in it. ”

About the director: “Pavel Ruminov is a very emotional director, but I respect that a lot. Much worse when the director works with a “cold nose”. Sometimes chaos occurs at the site and this makes me dizzy, but I see that Pasha is charged, and I feed off of his energy. It really helps with work. ”
The film will feature covers of the 90s hits and original rock tracks of the Snigir and Kurtsyn duet.
Producer Vladimir Polyakov: “It seems to me that the main idea of the film lies in the words of the young heroine who says this about her parents:“ They will not mature until they fulfil their childhood dream. ” I think it concerns each of us. ”
Producer Georgy Malkov: “Pavel Ruminov promised Sergei Bobza and me that the film “Success” would be a combination of “I'll be there” melodrama with which we received the Grand Prix of the Kinotavr festival and the comedy “Status is free”, which they made with Sergey.
But on the serious note, the film has a very strong story, which will give the audience a whole range of emotions - from laughter to tears ”
Director Pavel Ruminov after being asked why he chose Kurtsin and Snigir, joked: “Look at their images in our film - it's just like Kurt Cobain and PJ Harvey. I always dreamed of working with these legends. ”
Starring: Roman Kurtsyn, Maria Lobanova, Yulia Snigir, Alexey Chadov, Nikolay Schreiber, Rina Grishina
Produced by: Sergey Bobza, Vladimir Polyakov, Georgy Malkov, Mikhail Kuchment.
Script writers: Pavel Ruminov, Sergey Bobza
Director: Pavel Ruminov
Director of photography: Anton Drozdov-lucky
Production Designer: Asya Davydova
Costume Designer: Alina Herman
Executive producer: Sergey Stegny
Age limit: 12+
Release date - autumn 2019


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