The shooting of a new film by Mikhail Rasumnikov has ended

The shooting of a new film by Mikhail Rasumnikov has ended

Mikhail Rashodnikov - the director of one of the most talked about film of recent months, "Temporary difficulties" - completed shooting of a new film on the theme of fathers and children, however now in the genre of lyric comedy. The main action takes place in a small seaside town. It is here that the protagonist Vadim Krylov, a businessman from the Forbes list, comes to solve a serious problem that his mother created for him with her will. Once upon a time, Vadim has signed off the largest retail network in the country in her name. And after her death, she left all the shares to Vadim's daughter. Only Vadim saw his daughter for the last time 15 years ago, when he left the family. And now he needs to somehow return what, of course, belongs to him.

Our hero Vadim Krylov is a successful gambling businessman. But there is no one next to him, who considers him to be a dear close person. Having once made a choice in favour of a career, Vadim gave up, from what he thought was not at all important - his family. And the situation, which is tied up in our film, brings him to this choice once again, ”says the film director Mikhail Proskhodnikov.

Confident that his ex-wife and daughter, who were abandoned by him, will not give up the shares willingly, Vadim develops a clever plan for taking back what belongs to him ... but eventually he ends up in a string of silly and ridiculous situations. It’s just that there are different rules in his daughter’s life than in his.
In addition to Vadim Krylov, performed by Vladimir Vdovichenkov and his daughter Alina (Valentina Lyapina), the story is filled with vivid characters, who involves the main characters in a series of funny and not so much situations. Irina Pegova plays Alina’s mother, Vadim’s ex-wife, still suspicious of all men. Nikolay Schreiber as a classmate who “drove” Vadim throughout his childhood. Vladimir Sychev is a suitor of Alina’s mother, a person who “solves problems”. Ieva Andreevite is Vadims personal assistant, who for the first time found herself in an unusual environment with her boss.

Producer Vladimir Polyakov: “At the beginning of the film, a wise Chinese businessman speaks with our hero:“ When choosing between family and business, choose a family. As a result, you will gain more in business. ” But our hero has no family, and for him this is only a reason for irony. But subsequent events that follow up will give him the opportunity to figure out - these are just beautiful words or they have the truth of life.

Vadim Krylov, the owner of a huge distribution network, is the best in his industry and is used to getting his way by any means. His charm and a well-thought-out plan help him to find a Chinese investor, ready to become a partner in Vadim’s Company, which was once registered in his mother’s name. A multi-million deal is ready for signing, but an unexpected problem arises. His mom recently died and turns out that she left a will, where she handed over the shares of her son’s distribution network to her granddaughter, his daughter ... which Vadim left when she was 2 years old and did not maintain any relationship with her.
Now Vadim should go to the small town where he was born, find his ex-wife and daughter and convince them to give up the inheritance for the amount of ... about half a billion dollars. A successful businessman is confident that his charm, manipulation, and in the end, money will obviously work here. Moreover, the person in question is only a naive, and upset with him -  16-year-old girl. But in the game started by Vadim, it turns out that his methods do not work in his daughter’s world.

Starring: Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Valentina Lyapina, Vladimir Sychev, Irina Pegova, Nikolai Schreiber, Ieva Andreevaite, Igor Yesulovich, Julia Sules, Varvara Malkova
Film companies: Renovatio Entertainment and RVV
Producers: Vladimir Polyakov, George Malkov, Konstantin Elkin
Script writers: Tikhon Kornev, Pavel Ruminov
Directed by: Michael consumables
Director of Photography: Stanislav Sharkov
Composer: Artem Mikhenkin
Production Designer: Arkady Baimatov
Costume Designer: Julia Fetisova
Sound producer: Alexey Sinitsin
Editing director: Alexander Amirov
Director: Alexey Creanga
Executive producer: Sergey Stegny
Age limit: 12+


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