Renovatio Entertainment's motion picture at the "American Film Market" festival

Renovatio Entertainment's motion picture at the "American Film Market" festival

Today, on October 31st, "American Film Market", the world's largest film market, has been launched. Over the course of eight days in the city of Santa Monica in the sunny state of California, it will receive more than seven thousand industry leaders. Hundreds of film companies from around the world will present their movies in the film market, including the Russian horror film “Guests” by Renovatio Entertainment.

According to the plot of the movie “Guests”, the action takes place in an empty resort at the off-season. The protagonist of the film, young Katya, meets a group of people who have a special hobby – organize parties in other people's empty houses. Katya knows the right place - an old summer cottage on the coast, the owner of which left for a long time. In Russia, the film will be released in the spring of 2019, and already after November the 7th it will be known what the world filmmakers think of it.

"Guests" – is directed by Yevgeny Abyzov, who also created a number of films such as "Moms", "Doubler", "Easy to speak" and "Shashlyk".
Producers: Georgy Malkov, Vladimir Polyakov, Olga Ageeva, Sergey Ageev, Daniel Mahort
Director: Yevgeny Abyzov
Screenwriters: Olga Ageeva, Sergey Ageev
Cast: Yuri Chursin, Angelina Strechin, Mikhail Meshcheryakov, Anastasia Zenkovich, Anar Khalilov, Evgeny Egorov, Marina Panferova, Ivan Verkhovykh

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