Renovatio Entertainment awaits «Success»

Renovatio Entertainment awaits «Success»

Recently the shooting of the film "Success" started in Moscow. The creators of the film - Renovatio Entertainment and Liopolis companies- reported that the viewer would be expecting a dynamic film with unpredictable plot twists.

The film tells the story of a musician who, through the thorns, treads his path to success. The anticipated work of a director Pavel Ruminov, known for the following films: “About love. Adults only ”(2017),“ Status: Free ”(2016) and“ I will be there ”(2013), will be filled with romance, music and a whole palette of human feelings and emotions.

The main roles are performed by:

- Alexey Chadov (“9 company” 2005, “Night Watch” 2004, “Day Watch” 2005, “Champions” 2014, “Heat” 2006, “Viy” 2014, etc.)
- Julia Snigir ("Rasputin" 2013, "Frozen" 2013, "The Blood Mistress" series, 2018 - ..., etc.)
- Roman Kurtsyn (“I'm losing weight” 2018, “Super Bobrovs. People's Avengers” 2017, “Crimea” 2017, etc.)
- Masha Lobanova (“Coach” 2018, “Hold my hand” TV, 2017).

Vladimir Polyakov, Georgy Malkov and Sergey Bobz are the producers of the film.
The movie premiere is set to be in the autumn of 2019.


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