KinoTerka - Watching the movie Halloween (2018) with the star singer POLINA

KinoTerka - Watching the movie Halloween (2018) with the star singer POLINA

On the eve of the most “horrifying” day of the year, the movie “Halloween” began in cinemas - the 11th part of one of the most exciting sequels of horror films.

Kinoterka could not get past such a hot premiere, and now any film fan that is wondering: “is it worth going to the cinema to watch the movie?” - can watch the second release of the program, which will prompt the answer, and also reveal a lot of interesting facts about the final series of the acclaimed thriller. Nine independent viewers gave unbiased and subjective assessments of the motion picture, where as always, views varied. Why? Learn more in the new release!

Particularly interesting to the viewers will be to get acquainted with the opinion of the singer POLINA, who has become a special guest of the release. POLINA is a Grammy Award-winning performer; she lives in LA and knows first hand what Halloween is in a country that celebrates it on a special scale. In addition to the fact that the singer expressed her opinion about the film premiere, she shared a list of her favourite films with the audience of Kinoterka and answered some interesting questions of the host.

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