"In Cape Town port .." eternal themes -  film produced by Renovatio Entertainment

"In Cape Town port .." eternal themes - film produced by Renovatio Entertainment

"In Cape Town Port .." film produced by Renovatio Entertainment was finally shown to the viewers during the "Window to Europe" festival in Vyborg. The first premiere took place on the 10th of August.

The work on the film run for over 3 years, and this is nothing compared to how long it took the director to find a company that was able to believe and support him. Renovatio Entertainment, led by the producer Vladimir Polyakov became such company. Having taken on the bulk of funding, filming, expeditions and getting support from the Cinema Foundation, Renovatio Entertainment was finally able to present the film to the audience.
"In Cape Town Port .." emphasizes the importance of every moment in life, but expands the boundaries above the visible and tactile. Its conflict and opposition begins at the very beginning of time, at the moment of the big bang, when the atoms of positive and negative charge were generated, at the moment of occurrence of light and darkness in the world, at the moment when humans could determine what is good and what is evil, at the time of distinguishing high and moral from the base and instinctive.
Film characters meet on the 22nd of June, on the day of the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. There is a belief that on this day the forces of light and darkness are fighting for world domination and the souls of people.
A SAILOR cheerfully sings the "In Cape Town port " song, which was popular in those years, stepping over the rails of the railway somewhere on Sakhalin. But the story in this song is not positive at all. The British and the French meet in the port tavern in search for carnal pleasures, however as a result killing each other becomes their main joy, senseless and animal desire for the death their own species.
Two other heroes, PACHAN and SALOZONOK, notice the SAILOR and decide to mock him, forcing him to sing this song especially for them.
The plot of the song becomes prophetic, because of the noise that came out from one carriage, in which a woman with a child was hiding. This provoked the trio to shoot at each other.
Each of them is sure that he killed the other two, but the cry of the child from the carriage leaves an unforgettable mark in the memory of the SAILOR and the SALOZONOK. Throughout all their lives they both think that they heard an angel.
Further, the life of each character develops according to their personality and aspirations.
It is 1996 and the same day - June 22nd. Caught in different cities, on different continents, and moreover - in different worlds (living and dead), the heroes encounter attempts to fight for their souls again (or for the continuation of their souls in their descendants) with the light and darkness. Different games are played, the outcome of which is determined only in two possible variations - the victory of evil or the victory of good.
“I am absolutely not interested and bored when they are showing me dirt and filth,” Alexander Veledinsky told reporters at the morning press conference after the film was shown, “I always look for a way out of this, myself, in life, and in everything that I do. All my efforts, in my opinion, have some hope. I like it when there is hope. ”
Therefore, of course, at the end of the film “In Cape Town port..”, the good wins.
The audience left the hall of the "Vyborg Palace" cinema with various impressions after watching the movie; to a greater degree in silence and reverie. It was very difficult to evaluate the first impressions from the film that the audience had. Only at the morning press conference, one of the journalists shed the light on a possible explanation for such a reaction, honestly admitting that he did not understand the film in the cinema hall, but after “sleeping on it”, in the morning the vision came to him.
The goal of spiritual self-realization of any person in the form of creativity - is to achieve a sensual response from the audience; a mental understanding of ideas is secondary. “In Cape Town Port ..” is a work of art, an emotional reaction to which is formed instantly, and the explanation comes after a while through analyzing owns emotions from seeing the film.
“It seemed to me, and still seems, that the themes that are raised in this film are eternal. So, you can always make films based on them, ”concluded Alexander Veledinsky at the press conference of the festival.


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